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You’ve done Keto by yourself and have had some success, but you have a specific problem you’d like help solving. Perhaps you need some perspective or a sounding board for evaluating direction?  Let’s get on a Zoom call to get that issue out of your head and sorted out.

What to expect from a one-off consultation.

Get to know you

During the consultation, I get laser-focused on YOUR situation. By listening, probing and troubleshooting I can quickly diagnose where the issue can be. 

Ideas & Solutions

I am a straight shooter and won’t hold back sharing what you need to hear. Whatever the challenge, my insights and actionable strategies are guaranteed to provide you with a solution.
To book your call, you can book directly in my calendar below by choosing a date and time that suits you best. 
Once you’ve made the booking, you can add this product to your cart and pay for the call. Payment confirms your booking.

*Kindly take note that the consultation does not include a customised meal plan. If you are looking for a meal plan, you can download a free meal plan here.

The one-off consultation includes a quick 30-minute follow-up session (also booked through the website) 10 to 14 days after the initial consultation. This is to assess your progress and effectiveness with the meal plan implemented.



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