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I remember my first time doing my grocery shopping with my keto-friendly grocery list in hand. It was daunting and I was stressed out. I didn’t know where to begin. As I read the nutritional facts labels it seemed that every item was a no-no. Too high in carbs and a list of ingredients that I couldn’t even pronounce. What was usually a quick trip to the store, a simple in and out, took me two hours. 


Which type of butter must you buy? Is Butro okay to use? Is it okay to drink diet sodas? What’s the difference between heavy cream and whipping cream? These are just some of the basic questions you may be asking when you’re new to the Ketogenic-lifestyle.


I do personalised Grocery Shopping Tours where I help you to navigate the grocery store, identify keto-friendly foods, teach reading labels and help you to choose the healthiest foods possible. 

What to expect from a grocery shopping tour

Shop with Confidence

Whether you have specific dietary preferences, e.g. vegetarian, halaal, I’ll help you identify and select foods according to your nutritional preferences. I’ll also teach you how to read Nutritional Labels, what to look out for and how to navigate the supermarket with confidence. 

Ideas & Solutions

Humans are creatures of habit. Your knowledge and understanding of nutrition will change and you’ll be making healthier choices as you start your ketogenic lifestyle. During the Grocery Shopping Tour, I’ll help you with new recipe ideas and meal planning tips and tricks to make your life easier.


The Grocery Shopping Tour includes a 30 minute meet and greet at a coffee shop (either in the Woolworths at the Waterfall Centre or inside the Spar at Polofields) to evaluate your needs and goals. The tour is one hour in duration and includes a PDF Tour Guide Booklet.

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To book your Grocery Shopping Tour, you can book directly in my calendar below by choosing a date and time that suits you best. 
Once you’ve made the booking, you can add this product to your cart and pay for the Tour. Payment confirms your booking.
*Kindly take note that the tour is 1.5 hours in duration and I only offer the Grocery Shopping Tour at the following stores:
  • Checkers Waterfall Corner
  • Woolworths Waterfall Corner
  • Spar Polofields Crossing

Kindly note that the Grocery Shopping Tour does not include a customised meal plan. If you are looking for a meal plan, you can download a free meal plan here.



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