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Whether it is 21 days or 66 days to form a habit, the fact is that it takes time for us to effect change in our lives. A once off consultation with me or any dietician is not enough to make lasting changes. You may be inspired after the first consultation, but a few weeks down the line motivation starts to dissipate. Furthermore, the lack of information to deal with ongoing challenges may be overwhelming and lead to giving up entirely.

I recommend that clients continue to book ongoing consultations with me. You will find it tremendously helpful, especially if you have a lot of weight to lose (10kg or more) and especially if you have a condition such as Type II Diabetes that you need help with.

Here are some benefits to ongoing consultations:

  • Continued nutritional expertise. If you aren’t sure about a particular food, are looking for a substitute brand or recipe, or if you are interested in knowing more about a specific topic, I can provide the answers.
  • Positive Health Habit Formation: knowing what you should do is only half the battle – you might see what you should do, but struggle to do it consistently. I help you figure out the best way to create and solidify positive habits, so that long-term, you can consistently make the right choices.
  • Support & Encouragement: I am there to support your progress, celebrate your successes, and encourage you when obstacles arise.
  • Feedback & Accountability: I review your food diary and provide feedback and troubleshooting. Knowing that someone else is watching your data and checking in with you regularly keeps you accountable and motivated.
  • Personalized, Goal-Based Phases: everyone has different needs. I assess and adjust your path based on your health goals. The program follows three phases, each building on the previous week, and continues to be progressive. With these phases, you will adopt new habits and behaviors that need to change for you to succeed and eventually make this part of your everyday life. 



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