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Meal planning is essential if you want to be successful with the keto diet. Let me show you what I do…

Meal planning will save you time, money, stress, and help you succeed on your diet. But why don’t we do it? Meal planning can seem overwhelming or a major task. It doesn’t have to be. Let me help you with some simple tips.

What Is Meal Planning?

Keto Meal planning is organizing some of your meals ahead of time. There are many ways to do it, and you have to find a way that fits your routine and lifestyle.

Where To Meal Plan

Some people like to use pen and paper. I like to use my phone and have a grocery shopping list and plan digitally. There is also a lot of meal planning apps and websites available online that you can try out.

When To Do Keto Meal Planning

Some families have meal plans for one week, some have meal plans for the entire month. I would suggest starting out with a simple meal plan for the next two weeks and then, if it works out well, roll it over for another two weeks. Don’t try and fix it if it ain’t broke they say!

Planning keto meals for two weeks and rolling it over for the next two weeks will ensure that you are set for your first month on keto.

How To Do Keto Meal Planning

Figure Out Your Routine

Your meal plan should be simple. Think about how your days work. What times do you do your grocery shopping and what times do you have time to cook.

Once a day, once a week?

Can you prepare dinner every evening? Will you pre-cook some meals once or twice a week. Can you use a slow cooker?

Find Recipes

You can find endless sources of inspiration on Pinterest and in Recipe Books. I would suggest that you start by thinking of your family’s favorite recipes. Keep your recipes in the week simple and experiment with new keto friendly recipes over weekends we you have a little more time and are more relaxed.

The recipes on my website are simple, delicious keto-friendly recipes that I make on a weekly basis for my family. Perhaps you will find some inspiration here.

Put Together The Keto Meal Plan

So you’ve figured out your cooking routine, you’ve found sources for recipes, now what are you going to cook when?

Start out by making a few protein dishes and deciding on four different vegetable dishes for the week or alternating salads.

Here is an example for a family of two adults and two little ones:

Cook a roast chicken for dinner. That’s dinner covered and you can have leftover chicken salad for you the next day and leftovers for kids lunchboxes.

Cook a gammon at the same time. That’s dinner covered for the next day and leftovers for the several days after. You get the picture hopefully!

Go Shopping!

Starting out on keto you’ve probably done a pantry purge and your cupboards are bare!

Based on your meal plan, create your new keto-shopping list.

Now What?

Try and align your shopping with the days that you have time to do some meal prep. Meal prep isn’t always possible and sometimes things come up and our schedules are interrupted.

I believe in food prep! As you buy your shopping and come home, don’t just pack out your food and place it in the fridge. Take some of the veggies and chop them up so long. Portion your protein so long and try and do as much food prep as you can. Don’t worry if you don’t do loads at first. As you get to know your plan you will become more efficient.

Have A Few Back-ups

What I like to do is choose one or two days a week where I make my protein portions in bulk. Half of whatever I have made I freeze and the other half stays in the fridge and I can simple cook it at dinner. As I am preparing the protein, I will make a few egg muffins, hard boiled eggs and the red cabbage coleslaw recipe on my blog.

These back-ups can serve as snacks or meals when I am suddenly unprepared.

If You Fail, Try And Try Again!

If your first week doesn’t go as planned – don’t give up! Figure out what went wrong, what you need to tweak, what wasn’t working for you and try again!

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