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Healthy Keto Snacks


29 Healthy Keto Snacks That Won’t Kick You Out of Ketosis

Ever been out and forgot to pack lunch? Or, traveling and you’re out of your regular environment and need to find keto snacks? I’ve compiled this guide with lots of keto-friendly snack ideas for when you have to grab something from the shops and some homemade snacks.


The list is by no means comprehensive, and I am sure there are some other snacks that you can think of too. On the “BUY-IN-STORE” snack list, there are also some not-so-good options that I have included. I’ve added them here on purpose, just so that you can see your options are not always that limited and there are some other store-bought options, although not something to do frequently, that is okay.


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Doing a little bit of meal planning can help stay on course and avoid situations where you’re caught feeling super hungry and have to rely on store bought snacks or not-so-friendly keto-snacks. Although snacking on keto is not really something we do, these items on the list doesn’t mean it only applies to snacking in between meals. You could take these to a party, prepare some of it for when you have a braai and even when you are traveling.

#1 Biltong and Droewors

You can’t go wrong with biltong or droewors. Just make sure there is no added sugar to the product when you are buying it in store. When you are getting it from your local butcher, you can opt for a nice fresh piece, with a good chunk of fat on and have it sliced to your desired thickness.

#2 Cheese

Most types of cheese are good on keto. Just watch out for processed cheese or grated cheese. Those tend to have fillers and preservatives in.

#3 Nuts

Most nuts are also fine on keto. Just watch some of the nuts e.g. cashews are on the higher end on carbs. I prefer to buy roasted and salted nuts for the extra salt. Also be wary of the flavoured nuts and just read the ingredient label to make sure there are no funny additions. Remember that peanuts are not really nuts. They are actually legumes and also a bit higher in carbs. My personal fav are macadamia nuts.

#4 Nut Butters

A very convenient snack! A tablespoon of nut butter is hugely satisfying. Also watch out here for the little nut butter sachets and check the ingredients. Some brands have added honey.

#5 Chocolate

Yaaaas! Anything over 80% dark chocolate is acceptable on keto. More and more brands are coming out that have keto-friendly alternative sweeteners such as yucon syrup and stevia in.

#6 Seaweed Snacks

Not a huge fan of seaweed snacks. Again, remember to read the label for any other funny ingredients. The ones from Woolies come in two flavours, Wasabi and Olive Oil and contain no MSGs.

#7 Kale Chips

Right up there with the seaweed snacks. Not something that I would really buy, but there are some who really fancy it and so, here it is on the list. This is also a snack you could make at home. My first attempt for kale chips, I almost burnt the house down!

#8 Pork Rinds

Okay, so this is another favorite of mine. However, the one’s that are available at Woolworths do have some added spices that are not so keto-friendly. It probably won’t kick you out of ketosis, but in an attempt to always strive in eating clean, these are only okay now and again.  There is another local brand available, but I’ve found hair and dirt in it before and it’s put me off completely. Also, check your local butcher. Some butchers make their own and then you could also ask them what spices they have used

#9 Cacao Nibs

I try to write this guide  with the general population or most people’s preferences in mind, but this snack is not my favorite. If I had to pick cacao nibs or chocolate, I’d go for the chocolate.

#10 Low-carb Bars

Low carb bars can be soooo convenient, and protein bars are wildly popular. Unfortunately, food manufacturers use not-so-friendly   alternative    sweeteners such as maltodextrin and Maltitol to sweeten the bars. Some bars even say “sugar-free”, but then it has these nasty alternative sweeteners in them. Same as the pork rinds, not something you want to have too often, but okay every now and again.

I personally have tested and know that Maltitol has an insulin response with me, so I try to avoid bars that contain Maltitol.

Woolworths also has a low-carb bar in their Carb Clever Range. These snack bars contain less than five grams of carbohydrates and less than five grams of sugar per 45g bar. They use olive oil as a binder, and it’s high in healthy MUFA and PUFA fats.

#11 Pepperoni/Salami

Strictly speaking this is processed foods, unless you know where it comes from and it is organic and hormone-free. It’s a great lunch box filler and a lovely, high-fat snack if you need something. Again, check the ingredients on the label for any nasties.

I personally have tested and know that Maltitol has an insulin response with me, so I try to avoid bars that contain Maltitol.

Woolworths also has a low-carb bar in their Carb Clever Range. These snack bars contain less than five grams of carbohydrates and less than five grams of sugar per 45g bar. They use olive oil as a binder, and it’s high in healthy MUFA and PUFA fats.

#12 Avocados, Guacamole

Avos are superfoods and so easy. Just grab it, add a little salt and you are good to go. I’ve also listed guacamole here. Again, not the best because it is processed, but I have bought guacamole with some deli chicken from Woolies before when I was at a conference when there wasn’t anything on the lunch menu I could eat.

#13 Sardines

Superfood! So nutritious. Rich in omega 3s fats and so convenient. Always look out for the ones in olive oil as opposed to the vegetable oil though. Did you know that Sardines and Pilchards are the same thing? The only difference is the stage in their life-cycle.

#14 Seed Crackers

The first brand that I think of is the Woolworths Carb Clever range. There are other brands like NuMe and Banting Blvd who also make seed crackers. Always check the labels for any nasties though. Make your own Keto-friendly Seed Crackers.

#15 Pickles

A few pickles, cheese, olives and some full fat cream cheese and you have yourself a yummy, crunchy, keto-friendly snack. Do look at the label for added sugars. Choose the “Dill” version over the “Sweet and Sour” – way less carbs.

#16 Lunch meat

Convenient and good lunch box fillers here. Or, how about some lunch meat, rolled up with some cheese and pickles? Always look for the unprocessed lunch meats.

#17 Snoek Terrine

This one here is another “not-to-be-haved-all-the-time” snack option. I’ve added it to my Charcuterie board with some cream cheese and crackers. The snoek terrine is high in fat, but if you look closely, the ingredients are not something you want to have too often.

#18 Coconut chunks

Coconut chunks are divine and super healthy fats. Great snack option!

#19 Olives

Olives are good, healthy fats. Add a few olives to your lunch meat, pickles or Charcuterie board!


Anything you make at home is always better than the store-bought stuff. The moment a food item has a shelf-life, it means it has added ingredients to preserve it and more often than not, it is sugar. It may be a little extra effort to make these snacks, but it is definitely worth it. It can be especially useful to be prepared with some make-at-home keto snacks when you are having a braai and don’t want to be tempted with regular bowls of chips.

#1 Deviled Eggs / Hardboiled Eggs

Typically associated with funeral food, these little snacks are being revived and have become rather hip. Add a little hot sauce and crispy bacon and you have yourself a yummy, keto-friendly snack! See my Recipe here….

#2 Crispy Cheese Chips

These are easy to make! Again, a little more effort than popping open a regular, store-bought bag of crisps, but soooo good and worth the effort.

#3 Keto Seed Crackers

My initial thought to making my own seed crackers was “too much effort”, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised, as I was. Super easy to make and with none of the nasty added ingredients that store-bought crackers would have. See my Recipe here….

#4 Fat bombs

Here you can go wild on the sweetstuff! Just pinterest “fat bombs” and you’ll get thousands of options of yummy fat bomb snacks ranging from creamy, cheesecake to peanut butter, chocolate cups. One of my ultimate favourite fat bombs are these Keto Macadamia Fudge blocks. See my Recipe here….

#5 Fathead dough cheese sticks

Fathead dough should actually be listed as number ONE! Low-carb life would not be the same without fathead dough. If you’ve made any fathead dough before, you know it is super versatile, and you can basically make anything that relates to bready, pizza, muffin-like items. See my Recipe here….

Also, check out my Keto Olive & Rosemary Focaccia and Low Carb Cinnamon Rolls.

#6 Bacon

Good old bacon! I need not say more!

#7 Melted Cheese

Many a time, this has been a snack for me! Grate a chunk of cheese, pop it on a plate in the microwave oven and there you go.

# 8 Mini Frikkadels

We have a variety of burger patties we make every week. From the Beer-Can-Keto-Burger, which is a weekend treat, to the very popular Greek-Style Burgers and the Cajun Chicken Burgers on my website. Simply make a larger batch to keep in the fridge as a snack, take to work or when you have a pot-luck.

#9 Veggie Sticks

Veggie sticks such as celery, cucumber and carrots can be on both lists to be fair. Woolworths has a Hummus Dipper Snack to-go and veggie sticks can be part a lovely home-made snack or even part of a Charcuterie board to wow guests or just as a weekend snack

#10 Caramel Coated Pecans

I can list a bunch of other keto-friendly snacks, but this one is worth being on the list. Check out the recipe here.

I hope you have found the list helpful. Feel free to share this guide on social media…. in fact, please share it and help me help others… 




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